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Common Seas

Avonquay House
Cumberland Basin
United Kingdom (UK)
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We believe in healthy seas for everyone. Driven by a deep love of the ocean, we’re working hard to bring about the big changes we need to protect the greatest life support system on Earth. Common Seas is a not-for-profit enterprise that researches, designs and implements practical project-based solutions to our global plastic pollution crisis. Our mission is to quickly and significantly reduce the amount of plastic waste produced and stop it polluting rivers and seas.

We are a smart, dynamic, pragmatic, professional and supportive team. Our small (but quickly growing) international crew brings together a wide range of skills and expertise, together with an adventurous spirit and a hands-on-can-do attitude. We are proud to be part of an incredible network of thinkers and doers, and we’re looking for someone who shares the same kind of energy, passion and dedication.

We love people who take the initiative and learn by doing. Who punch above their weight and make things happen. We hire for the long-term and will give you as much responsibility as you can handle.

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